Mitandao ya kijamii


Olive Nyakio

Kwa wengi ulimwengu sasa umekuwa kama kijiji. Watu wanawasiliana katika barua-pepe, mitandao ya kijamii n hata simu za mkononi. Teknolojia ya kisasa imerahisisha mawasiliano na hata namna ya kupata habari pindi tu zinapoibuka.Lakini licha ya kuwa na manufaa mengi kwa kila shughli, ina changamoto zake.

Wanafunzi shuleni wanautumia muda wao mwingi katika mitandao ya kijamii kuliko vile wanavyoutumia katika utafiti wao wa darasani. Hii ni hali ambayo imeathiri sekta ya masomo katika chuo kikuu cha Multimedia. Mawasiliano pia yanakuwa nadra haswa uso kwa uso kwani kila mtu anatumia vifaa vya mawasiliano vya kisasa.


Matters unemployment

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Unemployment has been an adamant problem for a long time now and Nairobi just like other counties in Kenya faces this menace. With youths migrating from different regions in Kenya to look for greener pastures at the country’s capital,Nairobi’s population has doubled and slum settlements not making the situation any better.

Kenya’s rapid population growth has increased exponentially with a significant number of citizens unemployed. The youths idling around resolves to robbery to meet their basic needs. There’s need for the government  to tackle the issue lest the country sees a higher unemployment rates which comes with a myriad of problems including overgrowing and insecurity.

The youths have been advised to seek skills for self-employment while the government works round the clock to meet the needs of its fast growing population.Here’s the research link



Social media: the in-thing

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With many platforms forming up the social media,one can only wonder why you would stare on your gadgets for so long. Social media seems to be taking the world by storm and traditional media can hardly keep up. The chemistry behind people using social media so much is because there’s diversity in it’s content. From gossip, to breaking news and to sports.One is spoilt for choice and whatever he or she wants to know about is a  just click away.

The surest way to reach a multitude of people in blink of an eye is to use social media. Its fast and has a very large audience. Business organizations have created their accounts in a bid to keep up with the new media. Click the link below to view survey results.




Gangs tops crime list

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Ongata Rongai is well known to be the dormitory of workers in Nairobi. The town is on the verge of an insecurity crisis with gangs making it impossible for the residents to carry out their daily activities without fearing for their lives.
The gang commits crimes which include: robbery with violence, carjacking and murder. What gives the residents sleepless nights is the fact that the gangs is armed with pistols and if you try to resist you’re sprayed with bullets.
According the police, the gangs operate in groups of between 6 and 10 as seen from previous cases tried. The residents are urged to join hands with the police to restore security in the area. Checkout the research results on the link below.






Life turns nightmare

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Crime rates in Ongata Rongai have recorded an exponential growth over the years with crimes of all sorts being committed. There has been a lot of complains from the residents about crimes that worsens each day.
Gangsters mainly targeting the wealthy is making the Rongai Residents live in fear and uncertainty of how their tomorrow will be. Residents have been urged to report any unusual behavior in the neighborhood to the police for investigations to be done as this move can prevent impending attacks.
The attackers are said to be fully armed with pistols and they attack at the wee hours of the night. Most crimes reported have been on persons heading home from work and most of the time at the gate which they then make their way into the house. Here’s the link to the research we conducted.








Cleanshelf bakery upgrades

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In a bid to serve its ever growing customer population, Cleanshelf bakery is set to launch its delivery unit come next month. The bakery constantly works to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to service delivery.It recently introduced its social

media accounts which has led to a strong loyal following and has since been expanding its customer relations. John Wambua a supervisor at cleanshelf bakery said that they’re excited about the opportunity to continue growing the bakery to people at the comfort of their homes.
Starting 1st September 2016, what was once available only in the bakery will just be a call away. Consumers can pay for their orders through mobile banking or pay for the goods on delivery. With this move, Cleanshelf is hoping to become one of the best bakery in the area amid stiff competition from Uchumi and Tumaini Bakeries.


Social Media taking over

Charity Chao

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The effects of social media is being witnessed everyday as we run our daily errands. A cry that has been heard among mostly parents who feel they have lost their children to social media. This claim is however not far from the truth, as according to a survey conducted among Third year students of Multimedia University of Kenya, the students spend a lot of time online and almost all of them were on their social media platforms.

Social media has led to addiction, students now mainly rely on technology and the internet instead of learning the practical knowledge and expertise of the everyday life.

It actually came as a shock as not even entertainment surpasses the use of social media among these students. Social media has definitely gotten these students hooked and the parents now have to try and accept the situation hoping that it is a phase and it will pass.

Here’s the link to the results.